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LeoPrime’s Third Quarter Trading Volume Increases by Over 200% to $5.2 Billion

LeoPrime is delighted to officially announce that during the first three quarters of 2018, the company saw an overall strong increase in global forex trading volume by over 200% to US$5.2 billion, and an increase of the number of clients by over 4,100%, from 166 clients in 22 countries in Q1 to over 7080 clients in 138 countries by Q3.

One of the key reasons for the company’s rapid increase has been the introduction of new operations in Asia, especially with the opening of new offices to serve clients in different regions.

This includes Indonesia, where the company has seen the largest increase in the number of clients within the first three quarters of 2018, from 10 clients in January to over 2,000 clients by September.

Malaysia is second highest with the increase in the number of clients, where there were a small number of clients in January, and now there are over 1400 clients.

LeoPrime’s Group Head, Jaya Kumar, commented: “We are excited about opening our Jakarta office as it has the size and scale to accommodate our growth. Being in the heart of Indonesia’s financial district, our new trading floor will enable us to increase our staff numbers and enhance our service level for our clients in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.”

LeoPrime is proud to heavily invest in making sure we provide the latest quality products and services to our clients, and we endeavour to assist you with your trading needs